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Empowering Freelancers with seamless collaboration and growth opportunities.


UX Researcher

User Interface Designer


July 2023 - Sept. 2023

Tools & Technology
Problem Statement

What are the key user experience challenges and opportunities in the existing freelancing platforms, and how can they be addressed to enhance user satisfaction and improve overall platform effectiveness?

Problem Statement.jpg

The aim is to enhance the user experience of a freelancing website by focusing on various aspects such as user onboarding, project discovery and matching, communication, project management, trust and security, and overall app usability. The project aims to simplify the website's registration and profile setup process, optimise search functionality, and develop intuitive messaging features by conducting thorough research, implementing design improvements, and performing iterative testing. The goal is to provide freelancers and clients with a seamless and efficient platform that facilitates connection, collaboration, and project completion. The project endeavours to create a pleasant and intuitive user experience for all app users by addressing pain points and actively seeking user feedback.

Industry Background
Key Users
Key Users.png
Design Method
User Understanding

Take Away - Freelancer User

  • Wants a platform-integrated communication channel for transparent project communication and data sharing.

  • Seek an integrated community channel for peer reviews, industry updates, and collaboration.

  • Desire a customisable portfolio section.

  • Need advanced search and filter functions.

  • Want to see the client's payment history for validation.

Take Away - Client User

  • Freelancers on these platforms often offer competitive rates compared to traditional hiring.

  • They can find freelancers for various project types, both short-term and long-term.

  • Relying on freelancer reviews and ratings.

  • Escrow systems and milestone-based payments protect clients by ensuring work is delivered as agreed before funds are released.

  • Clients typically review freelancers' portfolios to assess work quality

Affinity Diagram.jpg
Empathy Map
Client User.jpg
Freelancer User.jpg
Jogn Smith.jpg
Sarah Smith.jpg
Customer Journey Map
Jogn Smith CJM.jpg
Sarah Smith CJM.jpg
Service Blueprint
Client Service Blueprint.jpg
Freelancer Service Blueprint.jpg
Point of View Statements
POV Statements.jpg
"HOW Might We" Ideation
Crazy 8 Ideation Technique
Crazy 8.jpg

In just 8 minutes, participants generated creative ideas for profile creation and community features. This dynamic approach encouraged fast thinking and ignited innovative concepts. By promoting swift ideation, Crazy8 Ideation simplified the design process and ensured the inclusion of diverse perspectives, ultimately resulting in more captivating and user-friendly websites.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis.jpg
Low-Fi Prototype
Mid-Fi Wire Flow
Moodboard & Style Guide
Design System
Design System.jpg
UI Design
  1. Visual Design Exploration: Through a series of creative iterations, the designer explored diverse visual styles, colour schemes, typography, and iconography that resonated with the app's essence and the artisanal spirit of handicrafts.

  2. Consistency and Branding: Ensuring brand consistency, the designer incorporated the brand's visual elements while infusing the unique charm of handicrafts. This included crafting a memorable logo, choosing appropriate fonts, and maintaining a cohesive colour palette.

  3. Navigation and Hierarchy: The designer meticulously established a straightforward navigation structure, ensuring intuitive pathways for users to explore products, categories, and seller profiles seamlessly. The hierarchy was established to emphasise key elements and guide user interactions.

  4. Engaging Product Display: The UI design was crafted to showcase handicrafts in a visually appealing manner, employing high-quality imagery, interactive galleries, and zoom features to provide users with an immersive product viewing experience.

  5. User-Friendly Checkout: The designer optimised the checkout process, simplifying forms, integrating secure payment gateways, and providing clear steps to enhance the purchase journey.

UI Design.jpg
Usability Testing

The participants conveyed greater satisfaction with the website, highlighting its effortless usability and the resilience of its tasks. They found the website's ability to present information efficiently while seamlessly incorporating community and communication features commendable. Furthermore, they praised the flawless navigation experience for both user types, emphasising its clarity.

Usability Testing Calculations.jpg
Future Scope
  • Implementing more advanced personalisation features can enhance the user experience. This includes personalized job recommendations for freelancers and personalised freelancer suggestions for clients based on their history and preferences.

  • User-Friendly Mobile App designed for both users.

  • Continuously optimising the mobile experience should be a priority. Mobile usage is on the rise, so ensuring that the website functions smoothly and efficiently on smartphones is crucial for attracting and retaining users.

  • Escrow systems and milestone-based payments system.

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