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The International Glamour ProjectTM is India’s first and biggest internationally associated Inclusive Pageant where women of 3 different age groups come together on a single platform. It provides women in the Miss Teen, Miss and Mrs Categories, belonging to various socio-economic strata, an opportunity to be crowned and represent their country on the international platform by competing in various International Pageants in United States of America and other countries of the world.

Traditionally, most of the pageants have focused on physical attributes of the contestants. The International Glamour ProjectTM believes in breaking this stereotype by ruling out objectifying characteristics as Selection and Judging criteria, thereby giving utmost importance to personality, authenticity and inner glamour. The International Glamour ProjectTM believes in creating this ‘Ecosystem of Women Empowerment’ through the platform of Pageantry.​​

The word ‘Glamour’ is often perceived to be associated with Fashion and Beauty, instead it is about being extraordinarily attractive than the usual. We focus on such qualities of the contestants which make them extraordinary and attractive.

Our contestants will be the ‘Women of Tomorrow’, the extraordinary women who will be the beacons of strength, fearlessness and valour. Their courage and dynamism will make way for many more women to stand up and share their journey. We believe this platform will make the ‘Next-Gen Female Leaders and Role Models’.

The International Glamour ProjectTM celebrates beauty and womanhood in all forms and encourages women to be confidently beautiful from within.

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